“Share A Coke” – Big Summer Campaign 2013

The famous brand Coke will this week launch its “Share A Coke” campaign in Britain. This big summer campaign will replace one of the world’s most iconic branding with 150 consumer names on one side of the bottle. Through displaying the most popular names in the UK on the shelves, Coke seeks to personalize the brand and thus, create an even tighter bond with its consumers.

Coke is planning to put 100 million bottles on the market beweent now and August tagging individual 375ml and 500ml bottles of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero with the “Share a Coke” banner.

Although the idea has been taken from Coke Australia’s similar campaign last year, a campaign going to this scale of personalization has never been seen in Europe before. It will also engage those whose names aren’t represented on the cans to create a virtual can and share it with their friends.



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